WordPress Theme Demo Plugin

This plugin was designed to help web designers easily demo their WordPress themes. For example, if you want to demonstrate 10 themes over the same WordPress demo content, this plugin will allow you to do that without having to install multiple databases/instances of WordPress.

The plugin has been tested on the latest version of WordPress.

You can see the plugin in action here, here, and here.

Recommended use:

A) Install a WordPress demo blog in a sub directory of your main blog. For example, you can view one I have created here. On this blog create posts which demo your themes styling capabilities.

B) Then upload all of your themes to the blog you have installed your demo content. Then go to your blogs appearance/themes page and copy and paste all of your theme names into a text file. You will need these names when demoing your themes.

C) Lastly, follow these instructions to activate the plugin:

WordPress Theme Demo Plugin

1) One (theme-demo.php):– install on blog with demo content.
a. Install the plugin by copying the file in wp-content/plugins folder.
b. Then activate the plugin from admin panel.
c. To show the demo of any theme installed on this blog, code your link this way: name
d. To show all themes in a post/page, just add the [theme_list] in the HTML post content window. This will list all themes installed on this blog with a thumbnail image.

We would like to thank Brad Williams for his plugin. His code was very helpful in the creating of this plugin.

Download WordPress theme demo plugin.

If you have any suggestions for future releases please post your comment below.

Let us know if we can help you with a WordPress theme design or optimizing your blog.

22 Responses to “WordPress Theme Demo Plugin”

  1. WordPress Plugins for Theme Development | Vandelay Design Blog on: Mar 31 2009

    […] WordPress Theme Demo Plugin 1.jpg […]

  2. lhoylhoy on: Apr 16 2009

    could you please explain to me steps c and d on the first plugin? thanks

  3. Pablo DiCiacco on: May 19 2009

    This is a great improvement over some other theme-preview plugins I have used. Thanks.
    (your demo links don’t illustrate anything of the plugin functions)

  4. Pablo DiCiacco on: May 19 2009

    Sorry for so many comments, but…
    You may want to state in your description of this that whichever theme is previewed becomes the “active” theme. You can then only revert back to your preferred active theme by choosing it again from the Preview page/post. It will not revert using admin/appearance – activate theme.

  5. Pablo DiCiacco on: May 23 2009

    I apologize for you not being able to respond to things. Also, no other WordPress plugin I have ever used injects its ad on the front page. Can you say BOGUS! There should ALWAYS be an option to hide it rather than having to go edit the file!

  6. Tutsii on: May 28 2009

    Great plugin.
    Thank you so much! 😉

  7. ChuckS on: Jul 28 2009

    Awesome plugin! Works great for me! Any way to hide a few of the themes. All of the themes on the site are showing.

  8. Houston SEO on: Jul 28 2009

    @ChuckS – try deleting themes from the site you don’t want showing.

  9. Eline Fauconnier on: Jul 28 2009

    can someone explain me please how you do this : Install a WordPress demo blog in a sub directory of your main blog

    thank you !!!

  10. ChuckS on: Jul 30 2009

    Hi. Really love the plugin, but having the same problem as Pablo above. The last previewed theme becomes the active theme, if you edit the base theme with the plugin on or off. I can’t get it to revert back even using his solution. I’ve tried deactivating/reactivating the plugin, reselecting the base theme, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  11. ChuckS on: Jul 31 2009

    Another note. If you select a theme and go to other pages, they display fine under that theme. When you select a different theme, the home page shows correctly with the new theme. However, if you go to another page on the new theme. The page appears, but using the first selected theme. I’m using WPMU 2.7.1. Maybe the plugin is not WPMU compatable. Which would be a shame because I really like the plugin and want it to work. You can see the plugin active on the blog I’m building at, page “e-themes”. Thanks!

  12. plastik cerrah on: Aug 3 2009

    WordPress Theme Demo Plugin very nice. thank you.

  13. backlinks on: Aug 5 2009

    Very good article, nice piece of information, I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

  14. deerawan on: Aug 13 2009

    hello, I can’t run this plugin on my wordpress. What do you mean by ‘theme name’?

    My theme name is “Deerawan – Cloudy 1.0” but when I enter “ – Cloudy 1.0”, it doesn’t display my theme

  15. Houston SEO on: Aug 13 2009

    Make sure that theme is in your /wp-content/themes/ directory and also ensure there are no spaces in theme name. In your example it would look like:

    Let me know if that works for you?

  16. deerawan on: Aug 13 2009

    Hello I got it run well. I know why it can’t run…The error appeared because the theme name is only “Deerawan – Cloudy” without 1.0. I got this answer from using [theme_list]

    Thank you so much for your response. 🙂

  17. Houston SEO on: Aug 31 2009

    @mj – you do not have to create a sub folder. it is just recommended if you want to display different content than your main blog.

  18. Francesco on: Feb 20 2010

    Hi, great plugin.
    I’ve a question. Is it possible to order the list of templates? So if i’ve too much templates and i would show this list paged (so with page1, page1, page3, ecc) is it possible?

    Is it possible to modify a css for this preview in article?

    Waiting for your answer and sorry for my english but i’m italian 😛

  19. Houston SEO on: Feb 20 2010

    @Francesco – Why don’t you delete the themes you do not want to display? I do not believe there is a way to order the themes as is.

    You could not use the theme list function and just link to all the themes manually.

    Not sure what you are saying here: “Is it possible to modify a css for this preview in article?”

  20. harits on: Apr 7 2010

    Thank you. I use it to build my wordpress demo url. Thanks

  21. jame on: Jul 25 2012

    Does the plugin still update, and does it compartible with the newest version of WordPress 3.4

  22. Houston SEO on: Jul 25 2012

    @Jame – as fare as we know if works fine.

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