Send Free SMS Messages with Google Chat

We love Gmail! It is a very robust email application with awesome spam filters.

We have just found an awesome new feature which allows you to send free SMS messages via Google’s chat feature. Now, no one has to listen to your ridicules ring tone every time you want to send and receive text messages at work.

For now, this free SMS Google Chat feature only works for US phones.

We have put together a little tutorial for you since this jewel of a feature is quite buried.

1) On the upper right corner of your Gmail panel click on “New Labs! Tasks & SMS”
Send Free SMS

2) Next click on “Labs tab.”
Send a Free SMS

3) Enable the feature and then click save at the bottom of the page.
Send Free SMS USA

4) Finally go back to the main Google Gmail admin panel and hover over the person you want to send the SMS to. Then click on the “Video & More” drop down and select “Send SMS”. You will then have to put the US phone number in once.
Send Free SMS Messages

Enjoy and let us know what you think about this cool new way to send free SMS messages via Google Chat.

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