How To SEO Optimize Your Website For Local Client Leads

Local SEO tips

Local SEO Can Give Your A Continuous Supply Of New New Leads In today’s digital landscape, businesses must optimize their websites for local search. With more and more people turning to search engines to find local products and services, ensuring your website appears in relevant local search results can significantly boost your online visibility and […]

How to Increase Website Sales & Conversions

Are you interested in more sales, leads, or newsletter subscriptions? Who is not! One of the easiest ways to increase the effectiveness of your website is to convert more of the traffic you are currently getting. Google has an awesome free tool to help you with this. Google Website Optimizer helps you increase your website’s […]

SEO, Small Improvements Can Make a Huge Difference

A Cornell University eye-tracking study on click behavior found that the 1st organic listing on Google was clicked four times more than the 2nd organic listing. The difference between ranking #1 and #2 for your business critical keywords can have a huge impact on your online marketing ROI. Image and quote by SEO Researcher: They […]

Read Gmail Offline

Google’s Gmail Labs has come up with another nifty feature. Offline Gmail; even if you’re offline, you can open your web browser, go to, and get to your mail just like you are connected to the Internet. Once you turn on this feature, Gmail uses Gears to download a local cache of your mail. […]

View a Web Page as Googlebot

Are you wondering why you never get traffic or good keyword ranking on your internal pages? Perhaps your site navigation is created in JavaScript or even worse your entire site was built in flash. Here is what Wikipedia says about Googlebot: It is the search bot software used by Google, which collects documents from the […]

Send Free SMS Messages with Google Chat

We love Gmail! It is a very robust email application with awesome spam filters. We have just found an awesome new feature which allows you to send free SMS messages via Google’s chat feature. Now, no one has to listen to your ridicules ring tone every time you want to send and receive text messages […]

Custom 404 Error Pages and Site Usability

The most common reasons that a server will return a 404 error page are:

  • Incorrect URL (or an out-of-date bookmark/favorite)
  • Search engine link that points to web document on the old site
  • Internal broken link that the webmaster hasn’t noticed

Most 404 custom error messages tend to be generic, and not particularly user-friendly, so making custom messages for a site is highly recommended. We recommend you create a custom 404 error page with the same look and feel as your current website.

Google’s Guide to SEO for Web Designers

As a website designer you should have a basic understanding about SEO when building sites for clients. Google has put together a brief document which outlines the SEO basics. It would be worth your time to get these basic principals and best practices incorporated into your next web design project. Here is what Google says […]

How to Install Google’s Website Optimizer in WordPress

If you are using WordPress as a CMS then you should be testing the major aspects of your landing pages.

With Website Optimizer you can try any combination of content/web assets to find out what leads to the most conversions. Testing your website also makes it easy to increase your site usability/effectiveness and visitor satisfaction. With this data you can make scientific enhancements to your website.

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How to Sell SEO/SEM to Your Management

In this post, I offer some tips on how to sell SEO to your management. If you have a question about SEO/SEM or web design please ask. We will do our best to get you an answer. Q: Do you have a successful formula for selling non-SEO savvy management/executives on the importance of making SEO […]